Tips to help you maximize on your desert safari trip
February 6, 2019

There are a number of things that Dubai is famous for. Not only does it boast of stunning man-made archipelagos, it is also home to the only 7-star hotel in the world, the famous Burj Al Arab. However, there is more to this beautiful Emirate than that. This is because it is also home to a unique adventure known as the desert safari. For this, visitors get to be taken to the desert for a one-of-a-kind experience.

While things can get awfully hot during the day in the desert, the fact of the matter is that spending time in the dunes is going to pump you up and fill you with excitement. Given below are a few tips that are sure to help you maximize on your morning desert safari trip.

Stay safe – don’t let the sunrays harm you

When heading out for your desert safari trip, it is recommended for you to apply ample amounts of sunblock. Yes, you will be picked up by an air-conditioned car, but you might end up getting a few ugly sunburns during the trip, particularly when you get out of the car. During the journey, you would obviously want to step out of the car and take a few pictures of the sand dunes – and this is where the sunblock will come in handy. Apart from that, it is extremely important for you to wear your sunglasses during the trip. Also, if possible, it is also recommended for you to cover your face with something, like a piece of cloth, to protect yourself against sand and dust.

Don’t forget your camera

The common notion is that sand dunes are barren and hot places. If this is what you think, well, wait till you get to the desert. The view that you will witness in the desert is literally going to take your breath away. If any case, you will not be able to resist taking a few pictures. Hence, make sure that you don’t forget taking your camera along. While you are at it, make sure that it is fully charged. If possible, take a few extra batteries along as well.

Take a loved one along

Happy memories are best shared with the people that you love – those who you hold close to your heart. From your family members to friends or even a partner, there is something about the desert that calls for you to share the experience with someone you love. Read here for further details.

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