UAE and the Arab Art
January 10, 2018

When you visit UAE, you will get plenty of sun and you will be able to visit some of the best beaches in the world. Another thing that you will marvel at is the great buildings in the various cities of the amazing country. Howeevr there are many people who have arrived in the country to gaze at the art of the country. Now these people do not want simple art, rather they want to see what the hundreds of years of tradition have produced, in other words these people want to see the true art of the Arabian jewel that has been inspired by Arabian traditions dating back hundreds of years. In this regard no tourist or visitor is ever disappointed, for UAE has some of the best art ever created in Arabian tradition.

The first and foremost are the artisans that create the handmade objects in the various souqs of the country. The art of producing these pieces has been passed from family to family through numerous generations, so these are not merely pieces of art; rather they are truly rational handicrafts. There you will also get to meet people who are learning the ways of recreating their ancestor’s artistic genius right before your eyes. One of the best things about these artisans is that they will be very humble and they will calmly and kindly explain to you anything that you may have to ask about their pieces.

Another kind of art is the production of entertainment pieces and UAE excels in these as well. The Abu Dhabi entertainment company is world renowned for its masterpieces and many of its productions have been showcased around the world. The patrons of the entertainment industry in Abu Dhabi have gone to great lengths to make sure that the artisans that perform in the business are taken care of. To this end the authorities have taken a very active role in both promoting their pieces and helping them connect with wider audiences.

The show art production Dubai has been recently featured around the world in many exhibitions. However it is the installations and the pieces that are crafted and created in the local area that are of the most interest to people who travel far and wide to the area. It has been speculated that some of the best artisans in the entire country reside in the Dubai area and work for the company and the recent efforts on their part, does make it seem to be the truth.

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