Impact of Smart Homes
January 7, 2018

Smart homes have a great impact on our lives because they have made our lives more comfortable. You can control entire home’s equipment with one mechanism because the Internet of Things provides this facility. Unlimited companies provide smart technology to residential and commercial buildings in different regions. Dubai is also rich in the latest technology, including home automation systems. You can also use the smart home technology in Dubai to enhance your lifestyle.  The benefits of smart homes are no doubt tremendous, but like every technology, this one also has some cons along with pros.


  • Sometimes the homeowner finds it a burden to turn a simple home to a smart home. You need time to install the automation system or if you hire a contractor it will cost you a lot.
  • The technology may become complex for certain people who love to control the appliances with a switch. Now you have to take your smartphone to turn a device or to turn the light on. You can simplify it by connecting only a few devices to automations system, like the home security devices.
  • It is not always possible that all systems are compatible, like the security system and air-conditioning system may require different points to operate them. You need big investment to make the entire home automation system centralized that helps control every device at one platform.
  • Due to the emergence of several companies the cost of the smart home technology has become low compared to last years, but the installation cost and cost of other elements is still high. However, you can dig into various companies to see which one offers an affordable home automation system. You can also visit website to know more about smart homes’ cost.
  • The automation system connects different equipment so an interruption to a single wire can ruin the entire system. A wireless automation system is different but it may get signal issues or the touch screen can stop working and you will need an extra cost to replace it.
  • Whatever smart and automated technology you use, it will still depend on humans who always make errors. An error may occur if you are unable to operate the right keys and that may lead to a system crash. The home automated system can be less or more reliable depending on the technology. The advanced smart technologies are safer than old technologies. What we have today will not be here tomorrow, so expect a high-end technology in future.