Factors to consider prior to shortlisting a nursery school
February 6, 2019

There is no denying the fact that choosing a nursery school, or a day care service in Abu Dhabi can be a little tricky, especially for your first kid. You have no prior experience of finding a pre-school and that can take a lot of time. Truthfully, there is no easy way out when it comes to picking a pre-school. All that is required is to make a list of quality schools in your area. Once you are done with the list, make sure to get in touch with every school mentioned. Doing that will help you find a school that is not only a great fit, but it will also help your child reach a school that will help secure his academic future.


Though some of you may not look at the budget when finding a school, it is the most logical thing to do. Think about it – what good is a school if you cannot afford the fees and other expenses? That is why you must first look at your budget and only then move ahead with other requirements. Check the budget, annual charges, and all other expenses that you might have to pay and only then shortlist a school for your kid.


The second thing to look for is the environment. Whether you knew it or not, but for day care and nursery schools, the environment is one of the most important factors. Make sure that the classrooms are roomy and comfortable. The students should have enough space to move around the classrooms if they feel like. The overall environment of the school should be such that children feel comfortable in it.

There should be trees, greenery and even a garden around. The classrooms should also feature artwork by both teachers as well as those made by students. This will encourage them to come up own artwork and have it featured on the soft board.


A quality pre-school is the one that has quality teachers. The staff should be well-trained and be aware of what it takes to be a teacher at this level. The proper training will let teachers understand the mind of students, which will help them in knowing them better.

Read here more about things to look for before shortlisting a pre-school for your kid. It will help you find a suitable school and save you a lot of time. Not to mention that it will help secure the future of your kid as well.

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