Comfortable Hospitalization in UAE
January 4, 2018

Hospitalization, its designing and architecture have modified in the past two decades. The use of attention-grabbing decoration from floor to roof, vibrant colors and the smallest to the biggest things important in designing interior and exterior is considered the most integral part of the hospital construction. Patient care is very important though but the liveliness, cleanliness and elements of designing are proven to improve and fast-track the patient’s health and recovery process, which is why the management of the best hospitals give an extra thought to ensuring a rewarding environment for the patients at their medical facilities.

Private hospitals in UAE are more beautifully designed than public hospitals but both types of hospitals are vigilant and provide quality healthcare facilities to their patients. Private hospitals are more luxurious because they are utilized by the upper class and the highly income peoples who demand suites with plentiful facilities that will make them pleasant and homely feel plus fast recovery gear. These services are definitely very costly and are unaffordable for normal white collar people but luxury lovers never compromise on their health which is incomplete without perfection of hospitalization experience. These facilities are so attractive that the patients never refuse to avail them even if they can recover at home but staying in a room like a deluxe hotel suite is a perk and nobody says no to enjoying the royal experience.

Type of building, styling elements and elegance are become a symbol of quality services. Packaging and price are advertising tools which give you the insurance of brand and its effectiveness in lives. Health is a major part of our living. Mortality is a reality of every living thing but we want to be healthy at our last breath so we spend a huge sum of money on delivery of good services and earn for healthy and best lifestyle.


Health-promoting qualities from diseases like cancer, heart stoke, diabetes, infections, genetic and trauma abnormality, need of excellent hospitalization and medication environment to ensure timely recovery. Various researches and studies have confirmed that hospital designs can be emotional influencers and can inspire patients to recover fast.

Following are the best suite rooms and luxuries private hospitals in the UAE that give you speedy convalescence.

In Abu Dhabi

  • Danat Al Emarat Women & Children’s Hospital
  • Shaikh Khalifa Medical City
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Dar Al Shifa

In Al-Ain

  • Oasis Hospital,

In Dubai

  • Armada Hospital
  • Armada Medical Center
  • Mediclinic Welcare Hospital
  • Mediclinic City
  • Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Center
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital

In Sharjah and Ajman

  • Ajman Specialty General Hospital


In Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain


  • Thumbay clinic

In Fujairah

  • Dibba Hospital

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