Why is a Good Mattress a MUST?
December 24, 2017

We all buy a mattress once in our lifetime, don’t we? However, many times we are not fully aware of the merits and demerits of a mattress. The ignorance often leads to back pain as there are many mattresses which are not the right match for your body structure. We all spend seven to ten hours a day on a mattress every night therefore it is imperative for us to know the pros and cons before purchasing mattress. We can always help you in finding a good mattress store in Dubai.


What makes a mattress the best purchase for you and your family? Following are some of the factors that all of us should take into account while buying a mattress.


Do you look for comfort or efficiency in a mattress? This question will solve much of your problem with the mattress. If you prefer comfort over efficiency in a mattress, it might lead you to the chronic back pain, which should be avoided at any cost. The mattress has to be ergonomically supported which adds to the efficiency quotient. Your decision might be influenced by the price tag but a great mattress does come at a price. This is your investment in your back health, which means entire health because a good night’s sleep brings with it the advantages of having a boost in creativity, normal blood pressure, improvement in memory, an enhanced lifespan, reduction in stress, addition to happiness, a healthy metabolism, and better athletic performance.


On the other hand, poor sleep may result in back pain, which adds to other health-related issues and ruins your mood and affects your motivation levels. The continuous bad sleep patterns may lead to further mental disorders like fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, and other issues which have the tendency to ruin your life in a big way.


Although it is all up to you what choices you are going to make while buying a mattress, we would recommend you to see an orthopedic before making the choice. Moreover, also consider the following steps to be sure of making the right choice.


  1. Know your pocket size or budget
  2. Select the bed size according to your height
  3. Don’t just go for one brand, rather check out multiple brands before choosing one of them
  4. Test drive the mattresses in the showroom
  5. Enjoy a great sleep


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