Select the best mattress for Chronic Back Pain
December 26, 2017

Your decision to purchase a high-quality mattress is your gateway to back pain-free life. We all spend six to 10 hours on the mattress which means this could be the start of something good for the back health or the worst thing leading to chronic back pain. Choosing a wrong mattress can actually worsen your back pain issues, which is why it is a very important decision to take. Although there is no such thing as a perfect mattress but it’s imperative to buy a mattress that perfectly suits your sleeping style and posture. Click here to find out more on the orthopedic bed mattress.


According to a recent research conducted on 313 patients who suffered from lower back pain, the ones who used medium firm mattresses said they experienced less pain on the mattress. Moreover, they also reported less-pain disability as against those who used firm mattresses. What you need is an ergonomic mattress that results in relaxed muscles and better sleeping posture. Experts are of the belief that the people who experience chronic back pain can get rid of the aches just by using their mattress. In the past, most of the experts were of the belief that using a very firm mattress was the ultimate solution to get rid of the back pain. However, with the latest research and results, experts now believe that using a moderately firm mattress holds the key. You can make an informed decision by trying out various different mattresses before choosing the one which suits your sleeping style and posture perfectly. Now there are many options available online where the company lets you purchase a mattress online and try it for a few weeks. If it fails to satisfy your needs, the company is always ready to take it back.


The following four most popular high-quality mattresses have been advised by many medical practitioners to their patients who suffer from chronic back pain.


  1. The Bear Mattress: gel-filled memory foam
  2. The Amerisleep AS2: Also known as Amerisleep Revere, it is a plant-based memory foam
  3. The Saatva Mattress: This one has an innerspring memory foam
  4. The Helix Mattress: It consists of memory foam, natural latex, and microcoils.


The above-mentioned four mattresses are regarded quite expensive but these options offer durability, quality, and certain warranties, which turn them into a good run for money in the longer run. You may also opt for the adjustable beds.