Is local sponsor in UAE beneficial for your business?
December 26, 2017

An entrepreneur or a business owner is always on the lookout for the ways to expand his existing business in the regions where he finds the room for growth for his produces and services. This is a critical decision, which needs extensive consultation and a detailed market research with the company’s top officials, most of whom are experienced enough to help out the owner with some handy insight into the expansion plans. There are many factors which the business owners and their teams take into consideration before selecting a foreign soil for their next global business base. A country’s strong economy and its robust fundamentals, consistent economic policies, a stable political system, good per capita income, and its location are some of the many aspects which are considered the most by the professionals before nominating a few destinations which suit perfectly to the company’s global expansion program. When deciding about any of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates, one needs to have a local sponsor in Abu Dhabi to give the business an international kick-start.


Finding a local partner in the United Arab Emirates is something which worries many entrepreneurs and investors before they finally make up their mind to land in the desert with expansion strategies. However, what they really need to know is that before this point, they have to decide on what sort of business they are looking for and where in the UAE it will be based. This is because laws and rules are somewhat different in these states when it comes to inviting foreign investors. Almost all of these seven states offer free zones and this is where a foreign company can land with a 100 percent ownership of their business. However, not all the businesses are suited for these free zones and there are many companies which eventually need a local partner to set up their business in the UAE.


The question that arises here is that are the local partners a burden on the company of beneficial? The answer would be a big YES, because local partners come with massive advantages for these businesses. A foreign company can obtain a professional services license or set up their company in one of the free zones to fully own their business in the UAE. However, if your retail or trade business needs to be set up within the Emirates to directly focus on the people living there, forming an LLC company is the ultimate solution for you. These are the most common type of businesses set up in the UAE over the past few years.


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